Woman's allure in the azure sky. LAVYL SKYFALL collection by Creative Director, Alexandra Lavyl.

The voyage of the new collection SKYFALL favouring a pure essential design created to enhance the form and exalt women in all her femininity, by playing with their silhouettes between shadows and lights. Every heart beat pulsing passion with their essential seductive shapes and whispering sweetness with their elegance and adds flair of energetically colors to their class.

Connecting it with our logo LAVYL who embrace the earth and spreads the energy by surrounding our diamond moon in the azure sky. The inspiration of the logo was to connect two significant women to symbolize our Mother Earth. Heaven godist of Egypt/Hathor and connect her with the moon godist of Greece/Selene who put there wonder and beauty to get birth to our logo.

"Black gives strength and elegance, says Alexandra Lavyl, white gives freedom and peacefulness, blue gives us the stars and the moon from the sky, gold gives glamour and brightness and red pulsing love and passion. It is the colors of combination that makes everything stronger and gives energy."